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Contrações Informais Inglês

Principais contrações do informais no inglês falado nos EUA:

1. Lemme: if you see this spelled, which you usually won't, it is spelled l-e-m-m-e, and is actually the words let + me. Lemme, as in, "Lemme help you with that."

2. Wanna: w-a-n-n-a. Wanna is the combination of the words want and to. "I wanna go to the movies. Do you wanna come along?"

3. Dunno: d-u-n-n-o. Dunno is the combination of the words don't and know. "I dunno how to speak Japanese."

4. Lotta and lotsa. Lotta and lotsa are combinations of the words lot of or lots of. "There are lotsa grammar rules for English."

5. Kinda k-i-n-d-a is a combination of kind and of. Kind of means sort of, or a little.

6. Gonna g-o-n-n-a is a combination of going and to. "I'm gonna go to the movies tonight."

7. Gotta g-o-t-t-a is a combination of the words got and to, and the double t is said as a d sound, listen again, gotta.

Then there are the less known combinations, often of more than two words.

One of them is wheredja. Wheredja is the combination of the words where + did + you. Wheredja. "I love your shoes. Wheredja get them?"

Whadja: Whadja is the combination of the words what + did + you. "Whadja have for dinner last night."

Howdja: Howdja is the combination of how + did + you. "Howdja like the movie? I thought it was great. 

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