The Spirit Messages from Elvis Presley
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The Spirit Messages from Elvis Presley

The Excerpts From The Book of Kings
The Spirit Messages from Elvis Presley
By Tatyana Elmanovich


Both content and evidence are equally important in spirit messages. Without evidence a message doesn't work. But in the present and exceptional case the search for evidence doesn't make sense. carries 471 titles about Elvis Presley. A number of mediums have proven they channel him. So, I posted these messages on our site because of the spirit communicator's wish to be heard and come clean regarding expressed issues.

Of course, I asked myself -- why me? When I arrived in this country in 1989, I was aware of Elvis Presley's media image. But I had no prior knowledge of Presley's saga, and I don't know his music. My first Presley CD was bought after receiving the following messages. Playing it, I discovered that I had heard all these songs during my 11 years in this country, but I did not know that they were Elvis Presley's songs. I am still wondering why I have been involved in all this? The honest answer would be -- I have no idea, and this is all I can say right now.

The Messages from Elvis Presley

The Churches In My Name Have To Be Stopped and Finished

Jun 19, 2000

E.P: There is no need to hide the sympathy toward me. Not knowing the music doesn't matter really. What matters is the ability to hear me. Not many people have it.

T: We know that you are working with a good medium.
E.P: She is fine and she is with me already. I would like to continue, if it is possible on a different level of talking about things that happened to me during my difficult stay on earth.

T: What's the problem of the day?
E.P: To stop praying for me, the churches [in his name instead of God's name -- T.E.] have to be stopped and finished. With Dean it is the same thing; it is hard on us on this side. It has to be stopped. God is to pray to, not us, the sinners and crowd pleasers, Love Me Tender, -- what it was, my God? They do not allow me to go to rest. They draw me back every time someone is loving and praying to me; I cannot stand it any more. They have to let me go, it is my time, it is time for me to go. I am unhappy with all these ropes that they attach to my name. I do not deserve this, and I do not deserve this low stay, no one deserves to stay so low. Your cat would be better off after death. Please, include this paragraph into your writing, please, publish it, and let it go to people? You have neat energy around your head, and I can see it. Now I let you go?

Bring the Boys Back

July 12, 1999

The following message sounds like a comment on the decision to send American peace- keeping troops in Europe during the Kosovo crises. At South Coast Plaza Mall I happened to run into an exhibition of photos on Elvis Presley. The same day, after that exhibition I received the following message.

E.P: "Bring back the boys, bring back the life, and don't let it happen?" I would sing it now, because they want war, I would sing, "Bring back the boys?" I wasn't at war, but I was there, in Germany, and I took it in, the pain, blood, and terror. And I am singing on this side, "Bring them back," because nothing else counts right now? I don't see any sense in anything else; there is a song, life is a song. I was there for them and I was melting away, slipping away one day, when they wanted too much of me. I was eating too much, drinking too much, loving too much, and I was doing too much of everything. I couldn't stand the pressure any more. I wanted to go home to freedom. I wanted to be free, to go home, home, home, I loved too much, they loved me. It was a sea of love, every concert, every concert we created an ocean of love, and it was spread around. Lennon did the same. You have to write about that; we spread energy, waves of love to those greedy rushing, empty people and we poured and poured, and they killed, killed, killed us, but we continued until life changed?

T: What really changed? No one loves no one. People hate each other. E.P: We cleansed the spiritual environment by our songs and fan clubs so long as we could. Fans created tremendous energy and it cleansed America. But when the heaven grew foggy, and became foggier and foggier, we couldn't do it any more, and we went out. Every one of us went out on his or her own way? This is why they created my religion. You saw the photo [on the South Coast Plaza exhibition] where they put my face into Jesus' face -- Jesus and I, I instead of Son of God. I am not a Jesus; I ate French fries. But like we say, the universal mind worked through me. I was connected, and I allowed it to come through so long as my body withstood the pressure. They send love through me down to earth; this is why they think now that I was like Jesus, because my songs made love! Take the boys back, take the boys back, nothing else matters. Today I would sing no other songs, no different songs. And if I would be on earth, I would be in jail, in real jail and for a long, long time. This is why they will not allow me to come down now. My time was at the beginning of high-tech revolution.

T: How do they clean up the air now?
E.P: It has to be done on earth. As we did it on earth. They don't know how to do that, and people will pay badly if they don't find out how? It is crazy now?

T: Have you met Vladimir Vissotski? (Elvis Presley's Russian counterpart)
E.P: Drugs were the problem. I couldn't get off. I measured my time out by drugs; he did the same. The drug was our problem. He betrayed himself. I did. Lennon did. What do you think, they all did, we all did. We couldn't go along with the time, and we couldn't go on, so we stepped out of time. And we did our part, exactly. We are okay; we are okay here. He (Vissotski) is okay. Our work is recognized. I am on a healing team, and you will work on a healing team when you come over here.

People Are Brothers
September 12, 2000

I found this message amazing!

E.P: Brothers can be friends, brothers can be enemies, brothers can kill each other but brothers are brothers and the work has to be done. Brethren share the blood and bloodlines carry genes that come to serve the world. It is hard to serve, but service is the purpose. Please, bring more light in, right now? I am sitting on a golden cloud and whistling a song... People, you are brothers. You share the same human blood and cells, and red blood cells make you brothers. Look at everyone as a brother even if you hate the guy. Okay, hate him if you cannot feel anything else, but know that you hate your brother. What about that? Yes, you despise him, but he is your brother. You are white, you are rich. A Haiti guy is black and fears spirits, but he is your brother. If you don't like him, you hate yourself. So you better stop hating, you better love yourself. Say you are black, you are poor, you are on drugs, and you hate white folks so badly that you want them out of your face. But the only thing that you get for your hatred is doors closing on yourself. Your kid will never learn if you suggest to him that learning is a white people's thing? Hatred is an arrow that boomerangs back to the source, straight into your heart or worse, into the hearts of your beloved ones. How about that? You hate whites but you will reap hatred of your own people against you. This is how it works. Whatever you do, at this end you arrive. I am going. The drug people still arrive in big volumes and in bad condition. I am through for now.

T: What do you have to do for them? Can you describe your routine? E.P: Drug related fear patterns are the problem; it is hard to dissect those images from their aura, but we try to do what we can. We try to ease up the terror in them from their own thinking, fears, hatred, greed, and jealousy. It is important to cleanse them so that they will wake up and start wishing to better their situation? There are many things that can be done for them. At the end comes talking and singing, but at the beginning, there has to be done a dissection of so-called devilish and demonic images and the so-called energy wash. Both new arrivals and the washers don't like talking about it. It is dirty work, but it has to be done. [On earth] people can help themselves through meditation. Here, we who have more energy are happy to help the addicts by focusing energy and almost "burning" their pain. It is hard to explain. And I am afraid to scare people by telling how it is done, and that thinking is everything. As you are in a negative place, you are not controlling much of your thought process, and it is wrong to judge you for you leisure and the slow speed of your mental energy exchange.

The Imitators
September 12, 2000

E.P: This is I, -- the king of love and exaggeration. I started to sing again after such long leg-breaking hospital work in rehabs for the folks in the same condition I was in. Now I have freedom to sing, but instead I have to wipe away all those terrible images of my imitators that pop up around me as some Halloween monsters. I have to deal with it. I am looking for someone who can help me to stop that swamping flow of cheap and horrible images, caricatures of me. They want to get in touch with fame through imitating me. What a lack of taste! What frustration?

The Next Incarnation
September 12, 2000

E.P: If I choose to, I may become an Italian opera singer of Enrico Caruso caliber. I probably will say 'yes' to that choice, because I don't see any other suitable choice. But there will be some unpleasant features that I will have to work on. While sinking back into the heavy earth environment, I will develop a terribly egotistic self-centered character all over again. It is a catch. I need that ego-based character for fulfilling my singing career and making it in the business. But as at the last time on earth, I also will cause a lot of suffering to my family, lovers, assistants, bodyguards and other people I will work with. Of course, my Memphis gang will be there for me, and my Graceland guards will show up to be paid for their devotion*. I'll pay all of them. They will be compensated not only for their dedication and good deeds but also for the evil -- frustration, nuisance, bad taste, attempt to create my religion, serving a false God and embarrassing people; for creating phony icons and raking money in for my suffering. I will be cruel toward people whose energy (presence) will make me recall all this, especially my fight with the flow of all these bad images on this side. For instance, by emptying pockets of poor people and selling false hopes that I perform miracles to those who pray to Elvis Presley. My God, I am not a god; I was a singing sinner to begin with, a crowd pleaser, a sucker? You there on earth -- please leave me alone, let me be here, and deal with my own baggage and don't make me cleanse yours. To those who continue to make money on me-- if you continue, sooner or later I will get you, and share some of my baggage with you.

To you -- The Russian occupation (of America) and American occupation (of Russia)! Leave it to politicians, stop judgment and comparison, and join the universal family of artists and scientists. The door is open, and you are invited!

I have to go (reincarnate -- T.E.) to old people, to Italy, to refine my ego, my personality and expand my education. Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975, a great Italian movie director, poet and linguist, murdered after finishing Salo -- The 120 Days of Sodom, a film about cruelty -T.E.) will go to America to advance in the entertainment industry and work on developing film technology into something else. I will become a singer in Italy in order to carry on the great tradition. So we trade places. My great number will be Don Juan, and I will do it my entire life, and Mozart is already helping me to learn it. On earth, there will be no time to learn. There will be not enough time to perform. The time will be over loaded with performances. I will be a mere function. As previously on earth, there will not be enough time for love and a personal life. It will again be a frustration, a mess. And the only person whom I really need will be my mother, like my mother Gladys was in the United States for me. I will demonstrate what the human voice is capable of and that will be it. Beauty will be the magnet, and beauty alone will be my goal. It will be a short incarnation -- some 42 years, and I will be done again. The first 5 years (the happy years!) will be filled with fighting for my place in the Sun and recognition from my peers. And the following 15 years will be filled with the nonstop stage performances, recorded by advanced recording technology that doesn't exist today. Fifteen years of a nonstop recording -- who could stand more! Who could ask for more! I will stay clean from drugs, alcohol and women. But the harder I avoid it all, the worse my character will grow. And this will be the very reason why I will stay on earth so short a time. I have to avoid the expansion of my baggage beyond the limits I can handle.

T: What baggage you are talking about, how do you experience it on the other side?
E.P: It is time to go? Auf Wiedersehen, talk to you some other time. __________________________

* This ironic paragraph made me find the book "What Happened?" by Red West, Sonny West, and Dave Hebler. Yes, the motif of the guards' devotion seemed to be a recurring narrative element in it. So, without seeking evidence, I found one, or it was given to support the project "The Book of Kings."



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