Use ?STAY? correctly in English language
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Use ?STAY? correctly in English language

Sometimes English language learners have problems in using the verb ?To Stay? in the correct situations. This is often due to interference from their own native language.

Stay can be used in the following situations:

1.   Stay in the sense of ?not move?

2.   Stay in the sense of not leave, remain in a place.

3.   Stay in the sense of sleep somewhere:

When I go to England I usually stay at my mother?s house ( I sleep there);

It?s very late, I think you?ve missed the last train. We have a spare bedroom, why don?t youstay here? (sleep at our house);

I don?t like staying in hotels when I?m on holiday, I prefer to rent an apartment. Then I canstay in bed all morning and have breakfast when I want to.



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