What is a learning block?
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What is a learning block?

According to the dictionary , a block occurs when something is prevented from happening or succeeding. To block also means to prevent movement through something. When there is a learning block, our mind body system cannot process the information optimally or even learn. In our previous article I told you about about unintegrated pieces of learning leading to effort, making students try really hard. This is how blocks are built. If we encouraged more whole brain learning in the classroom , we would be optimizing students ´ capacity to learn.

Sometimes a lot of teaching is going on but I wonder how much learning is really taking place. Important aspects related to optimal learning are not taken into account because there isn´t enough information. It is important to notice and understand that sometimes a student cannot learn easily because he may have come to the learning environment without the neurological and physiological readiness skills that he needs in order to learn easily,

? Do you have kids who find it hard to copy from the board or who press their pens too much?
? Do you know kids who say they ¨ hate ¨ reading ?
? Is Math a problem?
? What about spelling?
? Do you sometimes read and cannot explain what you´ve just read?

These are just a few examples of learning blocks and no matter your age, anybody can suffer from them.(This is not only concerning school but also our daily lives). As teachers we have a lot of challenges and responsibilities ahead of us. We must also be aware of the fact that we are the ¨authority ¨ in the classroom , so we exercise some kind of ´power¨. Furthermore, with this knowledge we would be supporting the self-confidence of our children and students as well. Our deeds affect our students. Have you ever thought about it?

So the next question would be: What causes a learning block? There are many different factors, among which stress is a fundamental one. Although learning blocks come in many shapes and sizes , I believe the most important thing of all is that most of them can be overcome and balancing sessions are an effective way of dealing with them( brain gym ? consultancy) .Different kinds of stressors create blocks in our mind body system. They may be : visual, auditory, visual and auditory ones, coordination and so many others..

Are we well equipped to teach this new generation of kids?


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