A New Way of Teaching
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A New Way of Teaching

English tenses taught in the other schools:

1.simple present
2.present continous
3.present perfect
4.present perfect continous
5.simple past
6.past continous
7.past perfect
8.past perfect continous
9.simple future
10,future continous
11.future perfect
12.future perfect continous
13.past future
14.past future continous
15.past future perfect
16.past future perfect continous

English taught at the Frank Experience

Your tense


- Grammar Differences
The grammars of American and British English are basically quite similar, but here The grammars of American and British English are basically quite similar, but here are some important ways in which American English differs from British English: The...

- Why Should Leaners Study The Present Perfect?
Sometimes people learning English use the past tense when they should use the present perfect. Here's an example of three common mistakes. I lived in Minnesota for 10 years. (ok, but it sounds like he is no longer there and lives in another...

- Using Future Form
There are many ways of talking about the future in English. Which way you choose depends on how you see the future. Is the future event planned or unplanned, a schedule, or a prediction? Making predictions in EnglishYou can use both will and going...

- Ways Of Expressing The Future In English
Despite what you will find in some course books and student?s grammars, and hear from some teachers, there is no future tense in English. If we want to refer to future-time situations we can do this in several ways. In these notes, we look...

- Negative Sentences
A negative sentence (or statement) states that something is not true or incorrect. A negative adverb has to be added in order to negate or ?cancel? the validity of the sentence. This ?negation? element is created according to the following general...

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