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Brain Teaser

- Tell me four days that start with the letter ?T?



- How To Learn A Third Language (while Keeping Your Second One)
There?s a story you hear all the time from language learners. It goes something like this: I took French in school, and I got pretty fluent at it by the end. But then I lived in Germany for a while and studied the language, and now when ever I try to...

- Using Future Form
There are many ways of talking about the future in English. Which way you choose depends on how you see the future. Is the future event planned or unplanned, a schedule, or a prediction? Making predictions in EnglishYou can use both will and going...

- Savoring And Learning
" Aprender não comporta imperativo: só se aprende por prazer e por vontade própria" Last week I had a wonderful surprise; one of my learners, Alfredo, had written his hundredth letter in English (every day he writes me an e-mail about all sorts...

- To Translate Or Not To Translate It?
To Translate or Not To Translate it? By Professor Frank The translation is a great tool of learning, specially when it comes to acquire a second language; however, one must know when it starts blocking the flow of their English.As a non-native English...

- What Is A Riddle?
This article was written by M.J.Mardan A riddle is generally a question devised so as to require clever or unexpected thinking for its answer. Riddles may be considered a form of brain teaser. In general conversation, a riddle is usually presented to...

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