Happy Anniversary, Frank Experience
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Happy Anniversary, Frank Experience

Hi Everybody,
I think you know me, but let me introduce myself anyway. My name is You and the Professor Frank asked me to write something about the Frank Experience. 

Well... What can I say?... Let me see...What else? Ok, ok, you know that I am bushing around and trying to escape from it because I don't think I can write well in English and sometimes I think that my English is a little macarrônico...( how can I say that in English? Where is the teacher when you need him?). Well, you got me...I guess.

I am a Frank Experience learner and I have to confess that it was not that easy for me to learn how to STRUCTURE my speech, but I did learn how to SAVOR all my achievements in English and according to my teacher, I am a natural RISK TAKER, so I don't have any problems to speak my mind or make mistakes. I think it was because, since the beginning of our classes, the Professor Frank told me that I had the Right to Be Wrong and could make mistakes. Then, I could feel more confident and with his help, I learned how to corrected myself...I mean...how to CORRECT myself ( corrected is the past, c'mon You, stop forgetting it). He told me that it was called RECAST and If I learned how to do it, I won't need to have always a teacher by my side to help me to correct my sentences. 

Then, as I start practicing my English as much I could, I learned how to manage my communication and TUNE my voice in a way that I could be understood not just for Americans or British people, but everybody else around the world. 

All in all, tuning was not exactly difficult, harder was the SELF-STUDY. Every time the teacher was telling this word, I was making faces because I am not exactly a person who has the discipline to open a book and do the lessons every week, but Professor Frank told me that my homework could be anything I wanted even posting stuff on the Facebook. That was everything I wanted to hear ( I think that this sentence was Portuguese within English. You know what? Never mind! ). 

Finally, I am GOing FURTHER with my studies and I hope that very soon I will be able to write a text like that without using the google translator....rsss...I mean...lol.


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