Spreading Ideas
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Spreading Ideas

Every time a learner ask me how they could improve their English, I always recommend them to start writing. As a very effective output, writing can help you to access and connect your ideas and communicate actively them.
However, how can they start it?
Everything starts with an ?it?. It can be any idea that demands to be written, an idea which pulses life inside your brain and it will only give you some rest if you put it on to the paper.
Following some sort of order from it, you open your notebook and start scratching it. First of all as a draft, after as a rough note and then, when you realize, the sketch has already got larger than the ?it? from the beginning, jumping paragraphs with their becauses, howevers and therefores; asking for conclusions or ellipsis?
From this point on, you are almost there and it is rewarding to see how an idea became such a large text with your experiences being shared within the words and phrases.
However, the text is not over yet as it needs more attention with reviews, recastings and all types of changes in order to turn it into a composition that must be well understood by everybody.
As you can see, a text is not just made with a suitable idea, you need also to capture the attention of the reader with a highly level description and an astonishing issue which has to be put in a very solid way. Of course ?it? can become different kinds of texts according to the circumstances; from a homework essay to a scientific article.
Although each of these works has its own set of written rules; if you know your purpose and if you follow the P-O-W-E-R technique, you can easily finish your composition.
P-O-W-E-R stands for P-plan, O-organize and W-write it with all the components; then, finish with E-edit and R-revise. If you do that, you will be able to do all kinds of writing.
Don?t forget to re-read it, looking for grammar and spelling; but most important of all, trust in your own judgment about the quality of your text and spread it.
Professor Frank Oliveira


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